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Friday, 20 April 2012

In Praise of Good Service

All model shops will sell you a model, but when you really find out how good a store is, is when you have a problem

I recently purchased a Churchill MkIII AVRE from STORM Domain.

I've been having great fun building it (as I always do with AFV Churchills) until I came to fit the hull floor. It was hopelessly warped!

Expecting to be given a contact at the distributor I contacted the owner of STORM Domain, but he didn't give me the details, he told me to come down to the store and collect a replacement as soon as I liked

When I got there he had the new sprue waiting for me. I was able to go home and carry on immediately, unlike the weeks wait I've had to get my replacement before! (or in the case of Dragon Care, 2.5 years!)

1st class service from a truly first class store, and that kind of service means STORM Domain will be getting a lot more of my business ;)

My thanks to STORM Domain

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