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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

AMX-10P at the Singapore Army Museum

I went to the Singapore Army Museum today. More on that when I get a chance to write it up, but in the meantime I thought you guys might enjoy a couple of walkarounds I took of AMX-10P IFVs while I was there

NOTE: I previosly misidentified these as Bionix IFVs, my thanks to Costas Tsaganas for correcting my error

Not so many pictures of this one, largely because, as far as I can tell, the hull was identical to its partner

Thanks again Costas!


  1. Cool! Too bad I missed this museum last time I visited Singapore. What other vehicles are there?

  2. Hi,

    As noted above I incorrectly identified these and they are in fact AMX-10 IFVs

    In addition to these they have an M113, a mercedes 4 x 4 with rear mounted recoiless, a V100, a landrover ambulance on a bridge section, a light 4x4 on a plinth mounted LCVP, a comms truch and another tuck. I'll puboush pictures with the museum report