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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Tools Tools Tools

Today's entry is not a model store, but it is a store a lot of modellers should visit: Handyman Centre

Handyman Centre is a general tool store, but unlike the DIY stores in the UK it carries a much wider variety of tools aimed at not just home improvement, but various trades and specialities too

Why Should Modellers Visit the Store?

If you are coming to Singapore for an extended period (due to work etc) and will be living here, it is likely you will be unable to bring some or all of your tools with you. Handyman Centre is very nearly a one stop shop for all those tools which have come to be classed as 'essential' on your bench

The Store is full of tools modellers will find useful including:
- Clamps and grips of various sizes and types
- adhesives
- saws suitable for modelling
- snips and shears (I got a great pair of sidecutters there that are just like the tamiya sprue cutters)
- various cutting tools including OLFA tools (P cutter compass cutter and so on)
- Various precision measuring instruments including callipers, vernier callipers and more
- pin vices and drilling tools (including Dremels etc)
- Soldering Tools and supplies
- cutting mats
- Various others

The staff are knowledgeable and friendly and prices are very good. I didn't ask to confirm but it appears that below the racks of new tools they also have second hand tools for sale.

The store is pretty large, the following does not cover all of the store:

 How to Get There:

Like Hobbyfocus below, Handyman Centre is on Scott's Road, off Orchard Road

The nearest MRT Station is Orchard, when you leave the station take exit A and follow sings for Tang's Plaza. The station is situated on a busy junction and pedestrians are required to use an underground walkway. When you get to Tang's (the basement of Tang's Plaza) turn left and go down the stairs after the ATMs then follow the subway past the first set of Escalators and under Scott's Road. At the other end keep going straight onto the escalators and enter Isetan Department Store on the ground floor of Shaw House

Bear right in Isetan and follow signs for Shaw House. After you exit Isetan look out for the elevators/lifts on your right. Go up to the fourth floor and turn right when you exit the lift. Follow the corridor around and you will find Handyman Centre

NOTE: I am informed Handyman Centre may well be moving in May. Possinly to another unit in the same building, possibly not. I will repost this listing with new address details when they are confirmed

What Else is In the Area?

Hobby Focus
14 Scott's Road
Far Eastern Plaza

Detailed Below

The Orchard Store 01-02 Hotel Grand Central
22 Cavenagh Road

Another model Store - full listing coming soon

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