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Friday, 9 March 2012

Hobby Focus - Orchard

Hi Guys,

So here is the first in our guide to Singapore model stores. These are not presented in any particular order. In fact, this store is first because I decided on a format after visiting some others and I took enough pictures at this one to satisfy the format! But I will of course return to others and will get more shots when I do

The first store then is Hobby Focus in the Orchard area of the city centre

How to Get There:

Orchard is easy to get to due to the fact its a major shopping area, largely for high end stores and labels, but it also accomodates smaller stores in the ubiquitous malls

The nearest MRT (Mass Rapid Transport - The Singapore subway/metro/underground) Station is Orchard, although it can also be reached by alighting at Somerset, but be prepared for a little walk which can seem a lot longer in the heat!

Alight then at Orchard and follow sings for Tang's Plaza. The station is situated on a busy junction and pedestrians are required to use an underground walkway. When you get to Tang's (the basement of Tang's Plaza) turn left and go down the stairs after the ATMs then take the first set of escalators on the right (signed for Scotts Road)

You should emerge from the Subway on the right hand side of Scotts Road. Walk up Scotts Road

Proceed past the Ascot and Grand Hyatt Hotels (dodging the taxis) until you get to the Far Eastern Plaza mall. Go up the stairs, turn left and find the gallery the runs along the front of the mall. About 7 stores down you will find Hobby Focus

Far Eastern Plaza

Hobby Focus

What's in Store?

In common with most Singapore stores Hobby Focus is not that big in terms of square feet. But Singapore store owners know how to pack a lot in

Hobby Focus Stocks:
- Tamiya Tools and Paints
- Aircraft kits from a variety of places
- Armour kits in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35
- 1/35 figures including Tamiya and Dragon
- Other kits including 1/24 cars and trucks and various other subjects. This miscallaneaous is around the same all together as the armour section
- a small amount of AM resin and etch etc for AFV and Aircraft models
- some die cast

The owner (whose name sadly I did not get) is very friendly and helpful. I also noted with some happiness that he is a modeller himself and he was busy working on an aircraft when I entered the store (always a good sign!)

In the store:

So; all in all a friendly and reasonably well stocked store for static modellers and recommended for a visit, particularly if you are in the Orchard area on your travels :)

Handyman Centre
1 Scott Road
#04-06/07 Shaw Centre S228208
Tel: 67377815

Really great tool store with a wide variety of tools useful for modelling, especially for scratchbuilders - full listing coming soon

The Orchard Store
01-02 Hotel Grand Central
22 Cavenagh Road

Another model Store - full listing coming soon


  1. Hi,
    The owner's name is Francis. A real nice guy who generously shares his experience!

  2. indeed a polite person too, i came here three times already, he never misses to make his customer smile

  3. Last time I bought aircraft at 198SGD but he said that no discount

  4. hobby focus has seized operations since 2013

  5. Don't go too expensive he sold,he bankrupt soon. Go Japan cheaper.