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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Not so much modelling

Not so much about modelling today, but seeing as its my blog I can go off topic if'n I want to ;)

We went to Marina Bay the other night. We planned to enjoy the light show put on after dark, but sadly our son doesn't like loud music so we didn't get to see much, but heres a few shots from before the show

So back on modelling track I got this from M Workshop the other day:

And with a little work I've turned it into this....

More on this one soon.....


  1. Hey Chris

    Excellent blog, combining two great loves of mine, modelling and Singapore. :-)

    Look forward to your blog on Bernard and M Workshop. He's a great guy and very passionate about our hobby. You're over there at the right time as well as they have their big show M Com on this year.



  2. Thanks Chris

    I will be (re)visiting M Workshop soon. Already got M Con in the diary!