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Monday, 26 March 2012

Orchard Store - Orchard (UPDATED 5th June 2012)

Orchard Store, Kramat Road, Orchard - (UPDATED 5th June 2012)
OK, so sorry its been so long guys, but here is another store for our list; the venerable Orchard Store.

Orchard Store has been supplying modellers in Singapore since 1953, a pedigree longer than any model store I have visited before so far as I know!

The Orchard Store carries a range of kits and caters to a range of customers. Their stock includes:

- Aircraft Kits

- Armour Kits
- Gundam/ Mecha
- Cars and Motorcyle kits
- Remote Control
- Railway
- Paint, mostly Tamiya and Testors (the only place in Singapore I have seen Testors)
- Tools and putties
- Aftermarket including Elefant, Rubio and Accurate Armour
- Books on Modelling and Armour/ Aircraft

To be honest, a lot of the kits are older kits and brands include Tamiya, Italeri and so on. Although last time I visited I got a very good deal on the new Zvesda T-90.That being said, old is not always bad and there are a few gems on the shelf. I was sorely tempted by an Italeri CMP 15cwt that I have not seen in a store for a long time! The accurate armour kits were large kits if slightly older releases, but if modern British is your thing and you like the smell of resin in the morning (as all the best modellers do) then the prices are reasonable, get yourself along

If you are looking for all the latest releases, they do get them in too, but its not necessarily a one stop shop for new kit planes or AFVs, but its definitely worth a visit


How to Get There:
Orchard Store has now moved to Orchard Plaza.

You can get a bus direct to Orchard Road from many parts of Singapore. Check for directions

To get there by MRT (the subway/ metro) alight at Dhoby Ghaut interchange and take exit C. Head up Orchard Road past the Istana (big park on your right with armed police and guards - its the PMs residence). Cross the central expressway and Buyong Road and carry on past the Concorde Hotel (if you have an extra 5 minutes try the first floor of the Hotel where this is a small mall and Central Hobbys Plus)

Cross the next road (Cavenagh Road) and enter Orchard Plaza.

Head to middle of the building and the lifts and take a lift to the 3rd floor

On exiting the lift turn right then left and go to the Orchard Road side of the building where you will see the Orchard Store

What Else is in the Area?

Handy Man Centre (Listed HERE)

Hobby Focus (Listed HERE)

Central Hobby Plus (Coming Soon)
100 Orchard Road
02-03 Concorde Hotel and Shopping Mall


  1. Seems like a very narrow store to me. Any model displays to be seen?

    1. A small number in the windows, but not as much as others

  2. Looks like Orchard Store has moved again. They were at first in Orchard Point, then for some time at the Pheonix and now at Kramat Rd. All very close by. Good place to get the old stuff.

    Good thing you're doing this or I'd have missed it thinking it was still in the Pheonix.


  3. Actually Richard, thanks for reminding me! Its moving soon to Orchard Plaza (only the other side of Cavenagh Road)

    I will edit the listing to show the new directions and location when it moves....

    Have to stay on your toes in Singapre, no hobby store stands still for long it seems!

  4. Funny, it used to be in Centrepoint mall which is a short walk up Orchard Road from where it is now.

    Any reason from them for moving so much? The high rent I presume.

  5. No idea Centurion. It could be down to redevelopment. Nothing stays up long around here without being rebuilt or rennovated it seems!

  6. Does it open on Sundays? Pls reply ASAP, thanks