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Thursday, 8 March 2012


Welcome to the all new Singapore Scale Modeller Blog!

Strictly speaking, I should probably call this Expat Modeller in Singapore as I'm hoping this blog will serve as an up to date guide to model shops and the experience of modelling in the fantastic Republic of Singaporee

I have recently arrived in the country, but being a dedicated (read borderline obsessive) modeller, of course I did some research before coming. Once I arrived though a few hours fruitlessly searching revealed some of the information was out of date, so hopefully I can keep visiting modellers up to date with this blog

Things I will be covering:
- Model Store of the Month
- What the stores stock
- Best places to get what
- Where the stores are (and good directions on finding them!)
- Any modelling events, including photo reports
- Some of my own models maybe
- lots more besides as and when it arises

In addition to the model stores I'll also be giving tips on good places to get sundries you normally find outside the model stores, such as non modelling specific tools

I hope you guys will enjoy following the blog as much as I am enjoying scale modelling in Singapore



  1. Hi Chris
    Singapore eh? Best of luck with the move and look forward to reading about expat modelling in other places.
    Bet you'll have a lot more stores and access to tools and paints than I do.

    1. Thanks Peter

      Yes, although the guys the run ths shops say there are not a lot of AFV Modellers/ Airplane modellers here (Gundam/Mecha is really big though) Singapore is well served by a number of good shops in a relatively small area. Good job too! As I had to leave most of my tools and all my paint/ glue and other liquid goodies such as thinner and lacquers behind due to customs restrictions